1. Create a Payreq account. Click here for instructions


2. Go to https://go.payreq.com and login


3. Select the "Inbox" tab on the top navigation bar. 

4. Under "Advanced search" select "Payment Due".

5. Select the bill you wish to pay, then select "Pay Now", if this option is not available, it means your biller does not currently support Payreq Pay.

 6. Select whether you wish to pay the full or the minimum bill amount, and select "Next".



7. Enter your payment details and select "Next", note this may incur a surcharge depending on your choice of card, which will be listed.


8. Review your payment, and select "Pay Now", any surcharge will be listed on this screen.


9. You will then get a message indicating whether the payment has been successful or not. Select to setup and Auto Payment for future bills or return back to your inbox by clicking "Back to inbox".