If your bank allows you to pay bills in bulk using BPAY Batch, you can use Payreq MyBills to generate the batch file and upload it your bank.

1. Click on "Inbox" in the top navigation bar.

2. Search/filter for the bills you would like to pay.

3. Click on the three dot button on the right of the search results and then click "Generate BPAY Batch File" button.

4. Complete the form as follows: 

    i. Enter your bank details 

    ii. Select the bills you would like included in the BPAY batch file

    iii. Choose if you would like the bills to be marked as paid in Payreq (note: this is for display purposes only)  

    iv. Click the "Download" button

4. A file with ".bpb" extension will be downloaded to your computer which you can now upload to your bank's online BPAY Batch processing facility (if supported by you bank).