1. Create a Payreq account. Click here for instructions


2. Go to https://go.payreq.com and login


3. Connect to your Xero Organisation

3a. Click the spanner on the top right of the navigation bar and select 'Account Settings.

3b. Click the 'Connect to Xero' button 

3c. Log into Xero. If you are already logged in you will skip straight to the next step


3d. Select a Xero organisation to connect and Allow access


3e. When the connection is successfully established the Xero connection details will be displayed. If the connection is unsuccessful the 'Connect to Xero' button will be displayed, please repeat steps b to e.


4. Register to receive invoices from a Payreq biller into your connected Xero Organisation.

4a. Click on 'Subscriptions' in the top menu bar

4b. Click on the 'Subscribe' button

4c. Search and select the mailer you would like to receive your invoices from by name.


4d. Enter the following information to subscribe

i. The verification information to allow the biller to verify you are able to receive the invoice. In the screenshot below enter the Account Number and Exact Customer Name as it appears on the bill. Note:// these fields may change from biller to biller.

ii.  Select the Xero Organisation

iii. Select the default Xero Account for the invoice

iv.  Select if the invoice is GST Inclusive, Exclusive or NoTax

v.   Select the default invoice status (DRAFT, AUTHORISED or SUBMITTED)

vi. Select if the amount payable is the total invoice amount or minimum/installment amount

vii. Click the check box to accept the Terms and Conditions



4e. The subscriptions has been created and is pending verification/approval

4f. Once approved, you will receive an activation confirmation email.


5. Sit back and wait for your invoices to arrive under Xero purchases, ready for you to pay and reconcile.



6. If later you need to update the Xero invoice fields of an active subscription click into the subscription and click 'Edit forwarding details'.