Payreq MyPay allows employers to send payroll documents (pay stubs and T4s) to employees via the existing secure epost channel. 

Why send to epost?

  • 25% of Canadians have already used epost and the government guarantees access for every citizen.
  • epost access endures after an employee resigns. This makes sending the next T4 easy for the payroll officer and allows employees to keep access to historical records.
  • epost is integrated with most banks, so employees get high level security and reliability, access to their pay stub where they see the account credit, and no new logon credentials to remember. Your pay stub can be as secure as your bank.
  • epost is free to employees

The Payreq portal

There are three main screens in the Payreq portal. 

1. Contacts

This is a list of all your employees including their Employee ID, Employee Name and Post Code. The employee details are updated with Canada epost hourly to allow employees to authenticate themselves and subscribe to receive documents in their epost account.


2. Subscriptions

These are the list of your employees that have subscribed to receive pay stubs and T4s in their epost account.


3. Mail

This is the section where you upload pay stubs and T4 statements as text readable pdfs. As part of the upload you can select to update the employee list in contacts. This is recommended for each pay run to ensure new employees can register for epost.

Get started with your trial

Once the Payreq Onboarding team have completed your Payreq MyPay account setup.

1. Populate contacts from a previous pay stub pdf and save mail to be sent out when an employee subscribes for epost

After logging into the Payreq console:

            a) Click on Mail in the top menu bar

            b) Click on the ‘Upload Mail’ button under the Outgoing Mail heading

            c) Select the previous pay stub pdf and select ‘Update Contacts’ from the drop down menu. Then click ‘Upload Mail'


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2. Wait for 1.5 hours for your contact information to be updated at epost


3. Subscribe as an employee for payroll documents from your employer to be sent to epost

Follow the instructions in the attached guide to subscribe to receive payroll documents by epost. 


NB: In the first subscription field, enter your five digit Employer Code followed my your Employee ID. The Payreq Onboarding team will provide your Employer Code at the completion of your Payreq MyPay account setup.
For example Employer Code: S0983 and Employee ID: 22222, you will need to enter in S098322222 into the Employer Code and Employee Id field on the epost subscription form.


4. Wait for your employees epost subscriptions to arrive and your pay stub to send

epost subscriptions are sent to Payreq Monday to Friday at 6:30am EST. When a new active subscription has arrived, it can be seen in the Subscription screen under the Active tab. As there are pay stub waiting for the subscription that have now become active it will be sent to epost 10:00am EST. The Pay Stub usually takes about 1 hour before it is visible in your epost account.