1. In QuickBooks Online click Employees in the left menu


2. Click the Run payroll Button


3. Select the Payroll run and click Submit


4. Enter the required payroll information and click "Preview payroll"


5. Review the payroll information and click "Submit Payroll"


6. Click Print pay subs and download the paystub pdf.



7. In QuickBooks Online click Apps in the left menu

8. Click My Apps and select Launch for Payreq Mypay.


9. In the Payreq console click Mail

10. Then click Upload Mail. Select the pdf that was downloaded in step 5 and click Upload.


11. The upload job will be started and it's progress can be viewed by click Jobs in the menu bar.


12. When the job is complete the paystub documents to be sent to epost can be seen by click Mail in the menu bar.


13. To view the details of the document click on the Mail Document ID in the table.