Payreq Mypay securely sends a list of the Employee numbers and their address postal codes to Canada Post epost to allow employees to subscribe to receive their payroll documents. 

To subscribe, the Company employees subscribe to the Payreq MyPay mailer as listed in the epost mailer directory. In the subscription page of Payreq MyPay, the employee enters in their employer id (given to them by their employer; allocated by Payreq during the setup process), their employee number and their postal code. 

If the three fields match, epost will immediately present the successful subscription message to the employee. Successful subscriptions will be displayed to the employer in the Payreq MyPay console within 24 hours. The employer upload a single PDF of all the pay stubs created by QuickBooks Online to the Payreq console and the Payreq application will send the pay stubs to the subscribed employees' epost mailbox. The employee will receive a notification from epost that mail has arrived from Payreq MyPay.